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From Current Band Director - Risa Lamore: Currently out in Sterling, Co I teach ALL band classes 5-12 at both the middle school and high school. This program is growing! We have decided to open the position into TWO band directors. I love middle schoolers (god help me) so I chose to stay at the 5-8 level. 


This means that the High School position will open soon. The position will look a little funky at first (because we are still growing). It will be two sections of band, possibly a music theory or history, maybe a recording technique or music technology class, and a few random classes that have yet to be determined. So it's not the most ideal class layout, BUT the admin are really supportive of growing this program so that within a year or two, the band director will only have music classes. There is also a lot of opportunity to tweek and make this your own. 


You must LOVE pep band as this is a staple out here, it's A LOT of fun and A LOT of extra time, but worth it in the trust and relationships that it builds. You will also have a zero hour jazz band. Currently, we are not a competitive marching program but there is interest in that if you want to build it, we will make it happen! 


I will be the feeder but I hope I can find someone who will want to work with the middle schoolers as much as possible and someone who will let me visit my grown up students and help out with the high school too.  I would love a Co-director style so our programs can still feel like one. 


The main goal is;  finding someone who will fit, is willing to move to Sterling (it's really a great place), and wants to BUILD something special with me. 


Phone- 7195685534

Email- Lamorier@re1valleyschools.org

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