Rodger Quist Middle School (Thornton)

It is with great pleasure that we announce an open position for BAND/VOCAL MUSIC at our new middle school, Rodger Quist Middle School, in Thornton, Colorado. As the band teacher for both Rodger Quist Middle School and Riverdale Ridge High School this year, I can tell you that it is a high quality, passionate staff full of wonderful people!


We currently have 50 students in our 6th grade beginning band and 48 in our 7th/8th grade band. Numbers are increasing for next year for both programs, which has allowed the middle school to post a full-time music position! I and our choir teacher, who both currently teach middle school and high school, will move on to teaching high school full-time a year ahead of schedule. This position will share facilities at Riverdale Ridge High School during Fall 2019 before moving over to the new building for Spring 2020. This is a growing community and there is tremendous potential!


We are performing concert tours of our local elementary schools and in-class visits to bolster numbers for next year. There is potential for this position to expand into two full-time positions in the future, and that is a long-term desire of our middle school principal, who is a great supporter of the arts.


The posting closes on March 29th, 2019.


Please forward this message to anyone who you think might know a qualified candidate for joining our team. I am not an administrator in the hiring process, but am helping to promote the position. Interested candidates should apply on the School District 27J employment website:


I would be delighted to speak with any interested candidates. If you have any questions about the position, please do not hesitate to contact me via my district email address at


Many thanks for your help in finding the best fit for our awesome students!

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